WIFI on school buses? Whoa..

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The following blog first appeared on Facebook. Interestingly, not one parent with a school age child commented. Considering most of the people on our FB pages are parents we at work found this staggering. The only people who commented on the blog were…..teachers. What does that tell us, I wonder?


Now school districts are incorporating WIFI on their school buses because parents are demanding this as a way to communicate better with their children.

Whaaat? I thought every five-year-old had a cellphone!

Other parents are now saying that as some children spend at least 2 hours on the bus they will be able to finish all their homework before they step off the bus. Wow, great!

On the positive side this will mean all those bus bullies will be so preoccupied doing their homework on their laptops or tablets if we are to believe parents, they therefore won’t be bothering all the other students. And it will be so much easier for the drivers who won’t be subjected to the constant screams and fights every morning and afternoon. BTW three cheers for bus drivers. And how do you do it without going completely insane?

So why can’t I have free WIFI for my car. Booo, it’s not fair.

On a more serious side, what percentage of students are actually going to do homework when the temptation to play video games is, in my opinion, more likely? And if it’s not games, how about movies? Will the bandwidth be able to handle 60 plus students all trying to watch The Lego Movie or Batman vs. Superman?

As with any new Internet innovation, we rarely think about the consequences. How about more bullying online directly under the noses of the kids on the bus? Who will be supervising what the kids are accessing on the bus? It’s not like they are at home and are supposedly being supervised by their significant adults. I’m sure the buses will have appropriate blocks in place but then kids are so savvy they usually find another gateway to get to where they want to be which can be a pretty bad place.

I would also like to know who is paying for this? Oh yeah! It may be free to begin with, but doesn’t anyone realize that nothing these days is free? You are going to pay for it some way.

It’s just another unsupervised playground and I’m not sure we have thought through the consequences in the rush to make our kids more clever…..Not.

Oh yes, and parents not in the know – look up VPN and add a browser extension to all your laptops like HTTPS Everywhere. And then get ready.


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