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Girls.  Watch What You Say On Your Phone! 

I’m not being sexist but honestly women love to talk and this must cause a bigger headache for the folks at the NSA.  I mean how do you discriminate between Dora’s telling Jean she would love to cook a Bombe Alaska and some foul terrorist with not quite the same object in mind but close, if you get my meaning.

Construction must now be finished in Bluffdale, Utah, for the new Utah Data Center. It sits alongside its nearest neighbors, the Apostolic United Brethren (what do they make of this?). Is this data center NSA’s center for code breaking?  We do wonder.

What started me off.  Me being stupid.  While on vacation recently I was dumb enough not to understand why my iPhone needed constant recharging.  It was my husband who checked out my phone first who showed me all the apps I always have open.

“Well, apart from Facebook trolling after you, so is Foursquare and Twitter and at least five online game sites.” Hmm, suddenly it did dawn on me that all of these apps know exactly where I am.  It took an hour to sort it out quickly and the results, of course, were that I only needed to recharge my phone every 48 hours. And just maybe everyone out there has stopped trolling me.

Being non-native to this technology, I’ve talked to my twenty-year-old-something children and they shake their heads all-knowing.  And it doesn’t bother them that they are being watched.  By Corporate America and of course the Government.  They have come to accept it and now I realize why.

Because all of us complainers have turned into a bunch of Kitschites. Or Weenie Wafflers.  You see, the more you complain, most get tired of hearing the same old stuff. Complaining is not enough. It’s the quality of the complaint, and not the quantity.

Unfortunately, us humans don’t believe very much if we can’t feely-touchy the thing unless you are a God-fearing religious person. So here is a visual of you.  As you walk out of your house carrying your smart phone you are surrounded by a blue haze.  This blue haze contains millions of little data pieces, hex codes whizzing around you and disappearing into the wide blue wonder of a million data centers.  Switch off your phone and start to walk down the sheet.  You are being watched, by a neighbor’s video camera, or a satellite thousands of mile up there, or those new city cameras that have recently been installed at every traffic light and there only to measure traffic conditions for the city.  Ha Ha Ha!

And what about your smart car. If you have an on-board computer, it can get even funnier who is watching you.

There is only one way to go. Get to know your technology really, really well. Understand how it works and make it work for you and not for the corporation behind its technology. Learn to turn off your apps when you don’t use them. And start filing complaints to your government officials.  

I can now hear a great roar of laughter in the wings just mentioning government. Did you know the most recent congress hast just taken its summer break?  They must all be exhausted having now become the most useless congress in the history of the United States. Well, if you are unhappy that the government is spying on you, complain to your congressman or congresswoman online, through email, snail mail, blogs, social networks and by word of mouth.  If I was a congress-person and got a hundred emails a day from my local constituents complaining about the government spying on me, I would get very nervous about my continued position in the government. 

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