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Should I update all browsers

I’m getting asked this question all the time.  But, in all truth, I have been bad about updating my own browsers until recently.  And that is a really, really stupid idea.

It started in 2012 and at the time my operating system on my iMac was Mountain Lion.  I’m excluding my two laptops because they are automatically upgraded.

The years flew by and so did the operating systems.  I passed Mavericks, then Yosemite, and El Capitan.  Meanwhile I hung my head down hoping no one would notice what a naughty person I had become.

I scanned the forums and saw that when others upgraded their operating system, their software products started to disappear down a rabbit hole.  Was I expected to pay for new software?  Well, Yes, at the time.

I was startled into attention when all my browsers reported that they were no longer being supported – none of my browsers would be updated or upgraded.  Yikes!  What does that mean?

I still did nothing until recently when I went onto a website to shop for tickets and Poof! An error message appeared on my screen, telling me I was no longer compatible with its website.

Oh No!  I screeched at my office wall.

So, a year ago I bought into Cloud software and it means I can upgrade my operating system to my hearts content without losing any of my favorite products and not experiencing any huge, financial loss.

Why Should I Upgrade?

In the most simple terms you would be foolish not to upgrade or update. Upgrades usually add security features.  In this day and age, it’s a must.  If you don’t, you leave tiny holes in your software that allow hackers to well…..hack into your computer.  Without getting into too much techno speak, these viruses, Trojans and other malicious programs wreak havoc across the Internet and your computer could be one of the hosts directing this malicious traffic.  Apart from the damage to your own computer, you are becoming part of a much larger problem.


The end of my story is that I took my iMac down to the local Mac store and had them partition my drive.  On one side I have my old operating system and on the second drive the newest operating system.  Josh, at City Mac, did this for me as well as adding more memory and other stuff to my Mac.  And he was amazed how I had so much free space on the hard drive.  And that’s why I went with the Cloud.

Now my computer can easily home a family of eight I have that much space left.

Still undecided: If you don’t believe me look up Payment Card Industry security standards.

Who’s Affected


Safari version 6 or lower

Explorer 10 or lower



Upgrade all your browsers to the latest version, even those not on the list.

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