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WordPress Upgrades

WordPress 4.4 and Counting!

If you keep an eye regularly on technology news, you should have heard about the “Cross-site Scripting” which says that WordPress plugins have an open door for hackers and users need to immediately upgrade their plugins as they come in.

As a result, we saw an immediate jump from WordPress 4.1.1 to 4.1.2 and then within 24 hours 4.1.3.  As a developer these relatively small upgrades were crucial to all my websites.  Because they filled security holes that ...

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What is a brand?

Branding is a conceptual idea used by marketers to tell your customers or your clients who you are, how trustworthy and reliable you are, how successful you are and how competent you are. When you brand your business, you need to think about:


image of a consistent brand logoYour brand needs to be ...

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C|Net Talks Date Rape

When science and technology join forces to make our world a safer place, I tend to sit up and pay attention.  

This week I’m focusing on a Startup who has created a litmus-style test for cups and straws that will detect the presence of date-rape drugs.

A huge Thank You to C|NET for posting this article recently about this Boston-based start-up.

If you have a daughter, or granddaughter, do it, do it, do it and order it now.

Called DrinkSavvy by patent lawyer ...

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Watch What You Say

Girls.  Watch What You Say On Your Phone! 

I’m not being sexist but honestly women love to talk and this must cause a bigger headache for the folks at the NSA.  I mean how do you discriminate between Dora’s telling Jean she would love to cook a Bombe Alaska and some foul terrorist with not quite the same object in mind but close, if you get my meaning.

Construction must now be finished in Bluffdale, Utah, ...

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How Protected Are You?

If you have a WordPress website have you ever wondered just how protected you are from pilfering? 

I read an interesting article recently.  It reminded me as a web developer just how much I must focus on security for my clients’ websites.  There is no doubt in my mind that if someone is really determined to hack into a site, they will succeed.

But what I can do is make it a little harder for the general population to be able to ...

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Is Your Cellphone Protected?

I heard recently from Symantec that cellphone hackers are coming out of Russia and China and that the target has been European and Asian  Android users.  But it appears this is all about to change.  Americas beware!  

What kind of hacking are we talking about here?  In this case I am not just referring to the rogue hacker trolling around malls and using a wireless device to access your cellphone while you innocently shop.  But something much more lethal ...

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