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General Data Protection Regulation

So you think General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) only applies to European and Switzerland websites? And the UK after it has left the EU?

Think again. According to Forbes, yes it will affect you, us, and them in the United States. In fact, it will affect everyone globally. And applies not just to websites, but servers including cloud services.

I have clients in the UK and they are scratching their heads in bewilderment. The regulations even affect how long you are ...

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Oh Bog Now It’s Wi-Fi

Did I say Wi-Fi. That was 48 hours ago. How about SSH? I’m not going into details but advise everyone to look it up on the Internet and ask your developers if they use SSH.

One wonderful lady wrote to me on Facebook and said if I used https everywhere it would fix the problem. I wish!  https everywhere is a great tool to use, period. But it’s not enough if you need to protect all your devices.

We are getting bombarded ...

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Hello Facebook Friends and The Rest of the World


So few people seem to care what they post on social networks.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Google+ are free….right?  Ouch!  Wrong.

You’re their asset, and everything you say and do on the Internet is making them and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) a boatload of money.  You know this though.  You’ve heard this time and time again.  But if everyone else is doing it, what the harm? I hear you say.


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The Good The Bad and The Ugly Hosting Services

I’ve never known a developer actually recommend a hosting service

Unless they were paid to do so.  It is too risky these days.  There are so many options out there.  It’s impossible to decide what is going to work for you if you are a small business owner with no technical experience.  Because so many things can go wrong.

I want to come clean right now

We started out small and went with a Canadian hosting service because one of our first clients ...

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The Great Filter Bubble

It all started a few years ago. I’m upstairs on my Mac and my 20 year-old student son is downstairs on his Mac. He needs Photoshop for his college projects but I say No Way, Jose, because it costs an arm and a leg and anyhow, I have it on my computer so he can use my software. Nah, he responds like all good 20 year-old sons. So, we both go onto and check on the price of Adobe ...

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Stolen Pictures – Who’s To Blame?

Apple announced there had been a cyber attack targeted on some users’ passwords on its iCloud but none of its systems had been hacked. The specific users, whose personal pics were compromised, appear to be confined to celebrities, music stars, models and the like.

What can be done and can we presume that companies are protecting our data? I think we have to presume “not completely.”

So how was Apple’s iCloud compromised? According to Industry expert, David Emm, Senior Regional Researcher at ...

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WordPress Upgrades

WordPress 4.4 and Counting!

If you keep an eye regularly on technology news, you should have heard about the “Cross-site Scripting” which says that WordPress plugins have an open door for hackers and users need to immediately upgrade their plugins as they come in.

As a result, we saw an immediate jump from WordPress 4.1.1 to 4.1.2 and then within 24 hours 4.1.3.  As a developer these relatively small upgrades were crucial to all my websites.  Because they filled security holes that ...

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What is a brand?

Branding is a conceptual idea used by marketers to tell your customers or your clients who you are, how trustworthy and reliable you are, how successful you are and how competent you are. When you brand your business, you need to think about:


image of a consistent brand logoYour brand needs to be ...

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C|Net Talks Date Rape

When science and technology join forces to make our world a safer place, I tend to sit up and pay attention.  

This week I’m focusing on a Startup who has created a litmus-style test for cups and straws that will detect the presence of date-rape drugs.

A huge Thank You to C|NET for posting this article recently about this Boston-based start-up.

If you have a daughter, or granddaughter, do it, do it, do it and order it now.

Called DrinkSavvy by patent lawyer ...

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