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Update All Browsers

Should I update all browsers

I’m getting asked this question all the time.  But, in all truth, I have been bad about updating my own browsers until recently.  And that is a really, really stupid idea.

It started in 2012 and at the time my operating system on my iMac was Mountain Lion.  I’m excluding my two laptops because they are automatically upgraded.

The years flew by and so did the operating systems.  I passed Mavericks, then Yosemite, and El Capitan.  Meanwhile I ...

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Don’t Ever Post While….

I suspect we’ve all done it.

Have you felt like screaming immediately after you have hit that SEND button?  Or better still, after a few glasses of wine (oh gawd we would never admit that one), tweeted something so stupid, awful and irrevocably damaging that we only wish the ground could swallow us up.

How about that email you sent to a really, really close friend at work. You are exhausted from spending three weeks working on (what you believe is) a ...

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