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WIFI on school buses? Whoa..

The following blog first appeared on Facebook. Interestingly, not one parent with a school age child commented. Considering most of the people on our FB pages are parents we at work found this staggering. The only people who commented on the blog were…..teachers. What does that tell us, I wonder?


Now school districts are incorporating WIFI on their school buses because parents are demanding this as a way to communicate better with their children.

Whaaat? I thought every five-year-old had a ...

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Watch What You Say

Girls.  Watch What You Say On Your Phone! 

I’m not being sexist but honestly women love to talk and this must cause a bigger headache for the folks at the NSA.  I mean how do you discriminate between Dora’s telling Jean she would love to cook a Bombe Alaska and some foul terrorist with not quite the same object in mind but close, if you get my meaning.

Construction must now be finished in Bluffdale, Utah, ...

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image of mobile phone

Is Your Cellphone Protected?

I heard recently from Symantec that cellphone hackers are coming out of Russia and China and that the target has been European and Asian  Android users.  But it appears this is all about to change.  Americas beware!  

What kind of hacking are we talking about here?  In this case I am not just referring to the rogue hacker trolling around malls and using a wireless device to access your cellphone while you innocently shop.  But something much more lethal ...

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